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CelebKonect gives the utmost importance to security and makes sure that no user; fan, follower or celebrity, will have to compromise on their security. You do not have to think twice before sharing your happiness with the world as CelebKonect promotes a safe and secure platform. Your messages will always remain private due to the end-to-end encryption code. There is no way anybody else except for you and your recipient will know the messages that are sent in your private chats.


In-transit encryption

Every action taken from your device to another device is encrypted. This encrypted code can only be decoded by an encryption key.

End-to-end encryption by default

The messages sent from one device to another are in the form of an encrypted code. This code can be translated to plain text using an encryption key only by the devices that are involved in the conversation. These encryption keys are existent only on user devices and nowhere else. Thus, not CelebKonect, nor anyone else can read your messages.

CelebKonect doesn’t intrude

Unlike other social media engagement platforms, CelebKonect knows what privacy means to its users. This is why even CelebKonect does not listen to your conversations; may it be chats, audio calls or video calls. CelebKonect uses the end-to-end encryption to keep you secured. The end-to-end encryption option is turned on by default which means you do not have to worry about turning it on. Thus, CelebKonect makes sure that your words can remain only between you and your recipient.

CelebKonect goes beyond end-to-end encryption

Apart from the end-to-end encryption protection, nothing you share will be stored on the CelebKonect server once it is delivered. Your messages are encrypted and sent to the recipient’s device without being encrypted. Alas, if your recipient’s device is not switched on or is not connected to the internet, then the encrypted code will be waiting on the CelebKonect’s server. The code will remain encrypted until it reaches your recipient’s device, where your recipient’s device will decrypt the code.



Every celebrity and fan chat is private and will not be publicly displayed.



The manager will have limited control over a celebrity profile. The celebrity has control over the manager’s access to his/her profile.


No Screenshots

Every public and private celebrity post is secure. The option of screenshot and screen-record is blocked so that the celebrity’s exclusive posts and monetization process remains secure.