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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where can I download the application?

The application is available at the App Store as well as the Play Store. The link is also available on the official CelebKonect website:

Is it necessary to provide a referral code to sign up?

No, it’s not necessary to provide the referral code during the signup process.

Can I use the CelebKonect application if I don’t have a phone number?

No, it is mandatory to provide your phone number during the registration process.

Is it necessary to provide both, my email address as well as my phone number?

Yes, it is necessary to provide both your email ID and phone number for security reasons.

Can I view the application before I register or sign up?

You can view the application on major application stores or on the official CelebKonect website:

What is the difference between a fan and a follower?

While a fan will be eligible to access the premium and exclusive campaign content run by a celebrity, a follower will only be able to access the basic content and updates.

What is the duration and cost of a fan subscription?

A subscription fee is charged on a monthly basis. The cost will differ depending on your fan package. Visit the official CelebKonect website: to view our prices.

If I un-fan the celebrity immediately, will I get my credits back?

Once subscribed to a celebrity, you will not get your credits back. If you have a multi-month subscription, you will be able to change a celebrity at the end of each month.

In the home option, will I be able to view all the celebrities or only the ones I have chosen?

You will be able to view all the basic updates of celebrities even you haven’t preferred the celebrity. This is based on the algorithm of the application.

Is the bell button on the top right corner for updates on all celebrities or only the preferred celebrities?

The bell option is for your notification. It will give you timely notifications about all the services that you have selected and scheduled.

Will I be notified if the celebrities I haven't preferred are online and available?

You will not be notified if the celebrities you haven’t preferred are online but you will be able to see them when they are online on the ‘explore all celebrities’ page.

Is it necessary to answer the Industry and Profession questions?

Yes, it is mandatory to provide all the details.

Can the username and the first name be the same?

Yes, your username and your first name can be the same.

Is there a particular limit to how many options we can choose in the preference option?

No, there is no limit on the number of preferences you can pick.

Can I pick all the preferences and all the choices within them?

Yes, you can pick all the preferences and choices available to you.

Can I change or unsubscribe to a few choices at my convenience after a period of time?

Yes, you can unfollow or change your preferences at any time.

If I unfollow a celebrity, will the celebrity know my identity?

No, the celebrity will not know your identity if you choose to unfollow them.

Can I chat with two celebrities at a time?

No, you will only be able to chat with one celebrity at a time.

Can I fan different celebrities without following them?

Yes, depending on your subscription package, you can fan as many celebrities as you like.

Will I be able to schedule multiple services with the same celebrity on the same day?

Depending on the celebrity’s preferences, you will be able to schedule multiple services with the same celebrity on the same day.

Can I cancel my schedule without losing credits?

No, your credits will not be refunded in case you cancel a scheduled service.

What if I don't accept or miss the schedule Konect with the celebrity? Will I get a refund on my credits?

No, when you miss a scheduled service it will be recorded as a complete transaction and your credits will not be refunded.

What if the celebrity is busy during the scheduled time? Will they call me back?

In case the celebrity is busy during the scheduled time, you will be notified and also given a new scheduled time.

Can we use two different cards to pay for the same transaction?

There are no split payments available. The transaction needs to be made through one source only.

How long will my purchased credits be valid for?

Your purchased credits will remain valid for 12 months from the date on your last in-app transaction.

I have purchased credits but they are not showing on my account. What can I do now?

You can contact the CelebKonect team on to verify your transaction.

Will I get notified every time there is an update in the celebrity profile?

A subscribed fan will be given a notification whenever a celebrity updates their profile.

Will I get a notification about my services before time?

Yes, you will be notified before your scheduled time and you can see them under your notifications section.

What does night mode do? Will it stop me from contacting my celebrity?

'Night mode' option is used to save the battery on your phone.

What happens if I click the 'number of hours' button?

It will help you determine the duration of your conversation with the Celeb.

Is the 'Do Not Disturb' option used when we are konecting with our scheduled celebrity?

The 'Do Not disturb' option will help you snooze all the notifications from the application.

Do my friends have to use the promotional code generated for me by the app?

Yes, if the user would like to claim their credits, their referred ones must use the code generated by the application.

Does the code expire after a period of time?

Yes, the code expires after a period of time.

How many credits will I get if I refer the same friend twice?

You can refer one friend only once.

How soon will credits be allotted after sharing the promotional code?

As soon as your referred participant registers with CelebKonect with your given promotional code, you will receive your credits.